Aloke Ghosh BlogDo top schools need money to retain their celebrity status or does money follow the celebrity status? The causality remains to be resolved.

See the top 10 University rankings by US News and World Report as of 2013. If your University does not appear in the list, click on the link below to get the data on the   rankings and endowments of your University.



10. University of Notre Dame                             ( 6.9 Billion)
9. University of Pennsylvania                              ($7.7 Billion)
8. Texas A&M College Station                              ($8.0 Billion)
7. Columbia University                                               ($8.1 Billion)
6. University of Michigan                                          ($8.2 Billion)
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ($10.8 Billion)
4. Stanford University                                                   ($18.6 Billion)
3. Princeton University                                               ($18.7 Billion)
2. Yale University                                                               ($20.7 Billion)
1. Harvard University                                                    ($32.6 Billion)

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