Baruch College Teaching Evalution for Professor Aloke Ghosh, Spring 2014


There were 77 possible respondents.

The majority of students agree or strongly agree on the following points:

  • The course was organized: 86%
  • Communicated course objectives/goals: 96%
  • Assignments contributed to learning goals: 93%
  • Course requirements stated/followed: 98%
  • Books helpful: 92%
  • Well prepared: 90%
  • Communicated course content clearly: 66%
  • Helped learn subject: 62%
  • Helpful feedback: 71%
  • Returned work in timely manner:  93%
  • Available outside of class:  89%
  • Class environment fostered learning:  81%
  • Treated students with respect:  90%
  • Generated enthusiasm:  87%
  • Clear grading system:  94%
  • Challenged me intellectually:  98%

Here is specific feedback from individual students:

“Professor Ghosh was genuinely interested in helping his students to succeed, which I appreciate.”

“Really appreciated the energy & enthusiasm that was brought to each & every class. Instructor was always prepared, very helpful to students and brought in real world applications when appropriate. Thank you.”

“Thank you for your class this semester. I appreciated the advice you’ve given and your consideration for the students. You definitely brought your own experience into the coursework. I especially like how well you are able to understand and interpret the comments/questions of the students, explaining it to the rest of the class in the process. It was quite amazing to listen to.”

“Professor Ghosh is an excellent instructor. Very clear lectures. Well prepared. No questions asked. Encourages students to love accounting (especially with his real-life examples which were very eye-opening). He is an objectively fair professor, but with a slant of kindness towards the class.”

“Professor Ghosh was by far one my favorite professors. He was always prepared and very engaging with the students. One of the only professors who took the time to learn everyone’s name.”

“Professor Ghosh is by far one of the best professor I’ve ever encountered. I actually believe that now I’m ready to be an accountant after taking his class. He is very knowledgable, always available and very energetic.”

View the complete evaluation (PDF)

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