Aloke GhoshProfessor Ghosh’s teaching evaluations from Graduate Intermediate Accounting (ACC9804) class in Spring 2015 (from 85 respondents).



The majority of students agree or strongly agree on the following points:

  • The course was organized:                                      88%
  • Communicated course objectives/goals:        88%
  • Assignments contributed to learning goals: 90%
  • Course requirements stated/followed:           90%
  • Books helpful:                                                                 90%
  • Well prepared:                                                               92%
  • Communicated course content clearly:          95%
  • Helped learn subject:                                                  83%
  • Helpful feedback:                                                          88%
  • Returned work in timely manner:                       93%
  • Available outside of class:                                        95%
  • Class environment fostered learning:               88%
  • Treated students with respect:                             95%
  • Generated enthusiasm:                                             93%
  • Clear grading system:                                                 96%
  • Challenged me intellectually:                                 90%

Some specific comments include

  1. “I appreciated Prof. Ghosh’s work ethic. He always came to class well prepared and took the temperature of the class to see if we were understanding and maintaining the material. He brought real life issues and work to the classroom and that is hugely appreciated. Well done Professor. Uniquely and amazingly well done.”
  2. “I love Professor Ghosh! He has a great passion about accounting which makes me more interested in the industry.He has also designed a great syllabus which pushes me to learn so much during the semester. I am very grateful that I have him as one of my accounting professors.”
  3. “Overall, I enjoyed this course. The Connect quizzes were stressful but gave structure to the course, set the pace for the class. However, I’m sure some people cheated on the connect quizzes, which gave them an unfair advantage for the part of their grade related to the connect quizzes. I thought you did a good job of teaching complex topics such as accounting for leases, deferred taxes and pension accounting. You gave us every opportunity to manage our grades and do well. I do think that in the future there should be two midterms and a final exam because the midterm exam had so much material on it. Great professor, humorous, brings into the class relevant outside stories. Great course but a lot of work.
  4. “Professor, Thanks for everything this semester, you were wonderful. I really feel that you want your students to succeed, and you are doing a great job. I will keep in touch. Thanks!”
  5. “Prior to this class, there has never been a professor that can fully grasp my attention for the entire class time. The guidance provided by Professor Ghosh, and his passion to engage his students has made this one of the most rewarding courses I have ever taken. Thank you!”

To view the complete evaluation, click on the following link


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